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At Diamond Decorating Contractors we understand that disruption caused by having your factory or office redecorated can affect your profits. We pride ourselves in delivering the work you need in the least disruptive way possible. And we do so without increasing the price.

Recent examples of our work include major refurbishment and repainting of the Monorail and Station Complex at the Beaulieu Motor Museum. We achieved this without affecting opening hours or disrupting the public in any way.

We have also recently decorated the head office of Lockhart Catering Group with virtually no impact on normal business operations and minimal dispruption. Click here to view a full image of the Lockhart Group building.

We also cater for interior decoration and have recently redecorated the main office of Suardiaz Shipping with no impact to normal business operations and minimal dispruption. Click here to view a full image of the Suardiaz Offices.

Our services include:

  • Airless Spraying
  • External surfaces chemically cleaned and pressure washed
  • External Painting and Application of Industrial Coatings
  • Internal Painting and Decorating
  • Maintenance Contracts
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So, how do we work without disrupting your business?

We use a wide range of plant and equipment instead of scaffolding where possible. This means that (unlike many of our competitors) we are able to use the most effective tool for the job.

Using plant is cheaper than scaffolding!

It is also usually cheaper to use plant than scaffolding! As you would expect, we are fully insured, hold all the relevant plant licences and are able to provide Health and Safety statements.

To further reduce disruption to your business, we are able to offer 'out of hours' work at both weekends and even on night-shifts.

Can we quote for your work?

We are always happy to quote for any work that you may require.

Please call us on 023 8069 4740 or 07867 973792 for further information.

Alternatively, you may use the Contact Form should you wish to email us directly.